Sherri Lynn Wood’s First Book

sherri lynn 1
Photo Credit: Sherri Lynn Wood’s Modern Mood Quilt

I vividly remember the first time I stumbled across Sherri Lynn Wood’s blog Daintytime. This was about three years ago, which was before I started quilting again. I’d dabbled in sewing in elementary and high school, but hadn’t picked it up since then. When I saw her Mod Mood Quilt (pictured above), I thought, “Whoa! It’s possible to make quilts like that?” Her quilts became a source of inspiration for me to start quilting again.

sherri lynn 2
Photo credit: A detail shot of Sherri Lynn Wood’s Redwedge quilt.

Her work has been a strong reminder for me that I can quilt however I please and make up designs as I go. Looking back at photos of her quilts, such as Redwedge (pictured above), shows me how deeply I’ve been influenced by her hand quilting with colorful threads. Three of the four quilts I’ve made since picking quilting back up have been hand quilted with long stitches of thick thread.



DSC03036.JPGQuilting has become a key creative outlet in my life. I value that it’s a practice which calms my mind, connects me to tradition, and provides me with a way to make loved ones heartfelt gifts. Now I can’t imagine my life without quilting!

sherri lynn 3
Photo credit: Sherri Lynn Wood’s studio

One of the things I like best about Sherri Lynn Wood’s blog is that she writes enthusiastically about the process. How can you not love it when someone shares pictures from a day in the studio like the one above? To me, it truly captures what it’s like to be in the moment of creating – scraps and tools end up all over the place as new projects sprout up. I always enjoy seeing a glimpse into people’s creative lives.

DSC03573.JPGI’m a firm believer in the process being just as important, if not more, than the final product. You can imagine my joy when I checked Sherri Lynn Wood’s blog a few days ago on a whim and read that her first book, entitled The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters: A Practical Guide for Creating, Quilting, and Living Courageously, will be coming out in Spring 2015! Unlike the majority of quilt books out on the market, it won’t be filled with patterns you are expected to follow step-by-step. Instead, she’ll share ten different quilts, her creative process, and techniques for making quilts with a similar look and feel. Reading her blog post announcing The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters is the best way to get a sense of what the book will encompass.

DSC03386.JPGMy absolute favorite place in Seattle is the Downtown Seattle Public Library. As soon as her book becomes available, I’ll be sure to request that the library purchase a copy. As I continued to read her post about her first book, I was delighted to learn that she is putting out a call for people to make improvisational quilts after viewing sneak-peak previews of quilt scores from the book. The winning selections will even be featured in the final copy of the book.

DSC02327.JPGI instantly knew I’d sign up to submit a quilt. I was just a day away from finishing Carl’s quilt and was contemplating my next project. The timing couldn’t have been better.

DSC03971.JPGWhen I opened the sign up questionairre, one of the first sections to fill in was if I had a blog or website. I thought, “Oh no – I’ve just started this blog, so she won’t have anywhere to look to get a sense of my work!” I stressed out about this for about a day. I figured it’d be much harder for her to assign me a quilt score from her book which would match well with my strengths as a quilter if she couldn’t see much of my previous work. Then this morning it hit me. I realized, “I know just what to do! I’ll make a post with pictures of the types of projects I’ve been working on recently.”

DSC03954.JPGI reminded myself, it’s always okay to be a beginner. Not everyone has blogs that date back for half a decade. At this point I only have three posts and that’s just going to need to suffice. The rest of this post will be pictures of my most recent creations from both inside and outside of the quilting world. Over time I’ll provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into my process and inspiration for these projects on this blog. If you’d like to participate in Sherri Lynn Wood’s call for quilts, you can sign up too! The deadline is January 1st, 2014. (UPDATE: The deadline has been extended to February 1st, 2014.)

Finished top – Carl’s quilt
Arielle’s infinity scarf
Inspiration wall in my 365 square foot apartment
Mom and Dad helping me baste the star quilt
English Paper Piecing for the star quilt
One side of Carl’s reversible quilt
Origami mobile in progress
Flowers made from deconstructed artificial flowers and cupcake liners – learned from Aunt Peaches’ excellent blog post on Franken Flowers
Images of Sketchbook_0015
A page from my sketchbook
Appliqueing hexagons onto the back of my hoodie
Social justice fashion – a Cornel West dress for Arielle
Piecing a section of the star quilt by hand
Trimming Carl’s quilt
English Paper Piecing a hexagon quilt
Writing Seattle hip hop lyrics from “Re Fresh” by Common Market on the back of my star quilt
Aysha’s owl hoodie
An appliqued owl on the pocket of Aysha’s hoodie
Half square triangles on the back of my hoodie
My fish scaled fridge made from paper, paint, and packing tape
Images of Sketchbook_0016
Different ideas in my sketchbook for one side of Carl’s quilt
Section of Carl’s quilt out by the barn – inspired by a block from Grandma’s sampler quilt
Form for friends and family to recommend one book I should read for my 2012 holiday wish
The star quilt in progress
Embellishing my hoodie with fabric
Appliqueing curved lines of hexagons for Carl’s quilt
More inspiration in my apartment
Sewing Great-Grandma’s buttons onto a pillow for Dad
Finishing the binding on Carl’s reversible quilt
Drawing designs on paste paper to make sketchbook covers and my own fabric through Spoonflower
Celebrating with best friends at the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Star Quilt Show – it was the first time one of my quilts was on display
Holly and Mike’s wedding quilt

14 responses to Sherri Lynn Wood’s First Book

  1. Chandra says:

    I love your new blog, it looks great! I lost a lot of pre-2010 photos so I just had to jump in where I was at when we returned from Seattle again, but it is the Vancovuer Modern Quilt Guild Community, and bloggers like Sherri Lynn that got me quilting again too. The fish-scale fridge is tasty!

    • I’m so glad you signed up too!! I can’t wait to see which “quilt scores” we get assigned to each of us. I’d love to hear more about how you got back into quilting — we’ll chat about it at the next sew-in we’re at together :)

  2. Holly says:

    Hooray! I am so happy you’re blogging and sharing your amazing creativity with the world! I’m happy to know that there is a fish-scale fridge in existence. Thanks for adding colour and life to my day!

    • Thanks Holly – it’s so wonderful to hear from you! I get so inspired by reading blogs and hearing about people’s creative process. The fish scaled fridge was super fun to make – just some paper, paint, and packing tape for a transformed colorful fridge! :)

  3. JP says:

    Impressive body of work! I love the creativity that is pouring out of you! Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Thanks JP :) I received my quilt assignment from Sherri Lynn Wood yesterday and am loving starting on the project! I’m really enjoying reading your blog too. Looking forward to 214 posts from you this year!

  4. Your blog is the best! It’s so vibrant and inspiring. And I can’t even tell you how much Michael and I love our wedding quilt. It brightens our home, keeps us warm and reminds us how lucky we are to have you as a friend — best homemade present we’ve ever received! Thanks for being you, Anna. xoxo

    • Oh Holly you’re so sweet! I’m glad to hear you and Mike are enjoying your quilt. I’ve got a bunch of pictures from when I was making it, which will go up on the blog one of these days. Then you can see the behind-the-scenes as it came together! I sewed some of it at Lake Quinault :)

  5. Joan Marshall says:

    This blog takes me back to the 60’s and 70’s…when I used to be as creative as you. Now i am ready to be that person again!!! I’ve always been an improv quilter. Every time I started a project using a traditional bock or a pattern…it took on a life of its own and became something wildly unique. Before computers, I didn’t know there were other quilters out there that were brave enough to just “let it happen” or that it would become an excepted style of quilting. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Hi Joan. Oh wow, how great to hear that you’re getting back into your creative groove from back in the 60s and 70s. I’m always happy to hear about other quilters who start a project and then let it grow from there.Happy quilting! Anna B.

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