Aysha’s Owl Hoodie


About a year ago I returned to my hometown and learned that since the last time I’d been back a Goodwill had come to town – go Sequim! I went to check it out and found a gem of a t-shirt for 99 cents. I’m really bummed I didn’t think to take a picture of it before I started chopping it up because it truly was quite hideous – a purple t-shirt with four owls flying around the cycles of the moon. The moment I saw it, I knew the owls could be used as a perfect starting point for making a gift for my friend Aysha, who loves owls.


After acquiring the t-shirt, I picked up a hoodie for Aysha at Ross, cut out the owls and started playing around with placing them on various locations on the hoodie. This was one of my favorite parts of the project – there were just so many fun options for where each owl could go.


I kept playing around with trying to find a placement for the fourth owl, but nothing seemed to look right. Then it hit me – there wasn’t any rule saying all four owls from the initial t-shirt needed to end up on the hoodie! After pinning them to various locations, I ended up deciding to sew one on the front pocket and two on the chest. Then I took the fourth and final owl and sewed it to a t-shirt I already owned for myself.


Now whenever I wear my owl t-shirt, I’m reminded of Aysha, who is such a kind and sincere friend. Here you can see me sporting the owl t-shirt with three more fabulous friends in front of a quilt I made at a Seattle Modern Quilt Guild star quilt show at Island Quilter. Isn’t it fascinating what one simple t-shirt can become?

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