Arielle’s Infinity Scarf

Arielle has to be careful about what offhand comments she makes around me because that stuff gets stored away. When we were knitting together one night, she said she’d been looking for a really wide white knitted infinity scarf on Etsy, but hadn’t been able to find one.


A few days later, I headed off to buy some white yarn and got started on making her “really wide white knitted infinity scarf” come to life. The final scarf ended up being made from three balls of yarn. I cast on 50 stitches which accomplished the wide part of her scarf description.


This was the project I brought with me when I went to visit my parents in Alaska two winters ago. How could that much time have passed already? I checked the TSA website before leaving and learned that knitting needles and sewing needles are actually allowed on planes! Talk about good news for a crafter.


The scarf was about halfway done by the time I returned from Alaska (waiting in airport terminals provides plenty of time for knitting) and then I kept plugging away on it at home. Once it was finished, I wrapped it up in a brown paper bag (simple wrapping from supplies around the house can look quite nice), cut up a card into the shape of a heart, put a piece of turquoise yarn around it, and left it on her desk at work. Surprise!


I gave this gift to Arielle as a way to thank her for helping me reach a particularly important year milestone in my life. It was a small way to say thank you. She saved the card I wrote her and taped it to the notebook she carries around town.


I mentioned to Arielle one day that I wanted to snap some pictures of her in the scarf and she said, “Well, let’s go take some pictures now.” We headed to the alley behind my building and did a photoshoot in the ten minutes before I needed to head to work! Happy fall. Stay warm out there.


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