3 Epic Days of Quilting — Day 2: My First Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Sew-In

Last summer, I asked family friend and quilter extraordinaire Marla if she knew about any sewing circles in Seattle. While sewing and quilting can be a very solitary act, quilting also has a long history of taking place in groups. Marla let me know about The Modern Quilt Guild and said she figured Seattle would have a group. After conducting a quick Google search, we learned that Seattle does indeed have a Seattle Modern Quilt Guild, which tends to meet at least once a month for a sew-in. I contacted the guild via email and learned that the next upcoming sew-in was on October 6th.


I threw together a bucket of English Paper Pieced hexagons and hopped on a bus out to West Seattle. The guild met at The West Seattle Fabric Company‘s Stitch and Sew Studio, which was about to open in late October. Katie from Sew Katie Did was kind enough to send me the group picture from the day. Check out how many modern quilters there are in Seattle!

Photo credit: Katie Pedersen of Sew Katie Did

I had a blast chatting with the fellow quilters and learning about the Stitch and Sew Studio. At the end of the 4.5 hour sew-in, my parents picked me up in the camper van and we headed to the last destination on my 3 day sewing extravaganza – the La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum’s Annual Quilt & Fiber Arts Festival! I look forward to many more sew-ins with folks from the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild.

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