Arielle Learns to Quilt!

Arielle was thinking about moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico, so when there were 100 days left until she was going to depart, I made her a paper countdown chain and said I would teach her how to make a quilt before she left. Her plans to move away from Seattle got postponed, but the quilt making plans live on!

Here Arielle looks excited about quilting at the Bellevue Arts Museum’s “Bold Expressions: African American Quilts” Exhibit.

We hopped the bus down to Pacific Fabrics & Crafts in SODO and started the quilt making process by looking for fabric. We loaded up a cart and through that process realized that many of her favorite prints fell under a pink/purple color scheme or a green/blue color scheme. We decided to go big or go home by making a reversible quilt, with pinks and purples on one side and greens and blues on the other side. As long as you’re putting all the effort into making one quilt, why not make two quilts in one?


Arielle cut up the fabric into a variety of sizes of squares and rectangles and has started piecing them together. It will be quite the improv quilt when it’s complete! Here are pictures of the pieces laid out on the floor of my apartment.


A few weeks after we picked up these fabrics, my friend Ben and I were at Value Village when I came upon THIS FABRIC!


Look familiar? It’s one of the same fabrics Arielle chose to use in her quilt! I very excitedly purchased the chunk of fabric for $3 and tried to convey to Ben what a great find this was.

I’ll be sure to update the blog as Arielle’s quilt progresses.

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