It’s September and that means my parents would usually be starting up another school year. After being public school teachers for more than three decades in Iowa, Alaska, and Washington, they finally finished up their last school year in May. Mom taught for 37 years and Dad taught for 32 years.

In true retirement fashion, guess what they purchased? A camper van!

My first trip with them in the camper van was to Lake Easton, which is about an hour drive east of Seattle. Before they picked me up, I asked if they could grab some origami paper, since I was interested in creating an origami mobile like the one that used to hang in Dad’s math classroom.

Just like when he taught me in elementary school, Dad showed me the step-by-step folding process, which I repeated over and over again throughout our trip.

During our two night stay, in addition to origami, there was lots of good food, games, books, and coffee to be had. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to go back to regular tent camping after this! By the end of our mini vacation, I had a pile of brightly colored origami to take home with me.

I’m in the process of determining how I’ll hang them in a mobile. Once the project is complete, I’ll be sure to post another picture.

The next trip on the books in the camper van is to La Conner, WA for the 2012 Quilt Festival, which runs from October 5-7, 2012. We may even see you there!

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