Hexagon Quilt

On my most recent trip back to Sequim, I popped in to see Marla. She is the family friend who taught me how to make a quilt for my 10th birthday. She has a wealth of knowledge about quilting and with literally every quilting question I asked her, she pulled out an example. She sent me home with a bag filled with fabric, as well as paper hexagons so I could begin working on a hexagon quilt using the English paper piecing method.

When I got back to Seattle, I purchased eleven different fabrics and went to town on basting hexagons. I’ve spent the past few weeks basting in coffee shops, at my home after work, in the park on our recent sunny days, and even at a Mariners game. The entire quilt will be pieced by hand and I like how I can easily cart bits of it around town as I work on it.

The first 650 hexagons are now basted and I think the final quilt for my double bed will take a little over 1000 hexagons. I laid the hexagons I already have basted on my floor to get an idea of what the final quilt will look like.

Most of the fabrics I chose have a large print, which meant when reduced to the size of hexagons, the quilt ends up appearing as if there are more than eleven fabrics being used. Here are the fabrics I started with:

I’ll be sure to give another update once the quilt is finished. No guarantees on that being any time soon though…

Happy quilting! A big thanks to Marla for teaching me a new method.

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