Decorated Hoodies

Meet Arielle and her cute little dog Kingston. Yes, his ears double the size of his head and he’s even more adorable in real life. I woke up to him prancing on my face this morning.

A few years ago Arielle gave me a red hoodie as a present and said we could find something to sew onto it. She spotted a peacock on a t-shirt when we were at a thrift shop together and the next thing I knew she was busy sewing it onto the hoodie. Now it’s one of my most treasured possessions.

One of my favorite things about the sweatshirt is that the peacock is placed high up on the sweatshirt so part of it goes onto the hood and the top of the shoulder. This placement gives it a feel of being homemade. I also enjoy that Arielle always sews with red thread. It’s her trademark. Thanks for the beautiful hoodie Arielle!

I recently started sewing fabric onto hoodies again. My latest creation is the combination of a black hoodie and some fabric that stuck out to me on my most recent trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics. Here’s the piece of fabric I started out with:

And the finished product:

My initial intention was to sew fabric on both of the front pockets, but after I got a piece of fabric sewn onto one pocket, I realized I wanted to keep it like that.

For the top of the hoodie, I cut out a section of the fabric along the lines of one of the images. I stood in front of the mirror and moved the section of fabric around until I found a placement I liked. Then I pinned it down and got to hand sewing it on.

One of the things that surprised me the most is how different the pieces of fabric on the hoodie look compared to the whole piece of fabric. It goes to show how much cutting out pieces of fabric along the lines of the fabric’s image can go. I’ll be on the lookout for fabric which can easily be sewn onto clothing and will post future creations soon. In the meantime, happy sewing!

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