Kuuvangmiut Mushers Pillow

Anyone who knows my dad knows that if he’s not teaching at school or riding his bike, chances are he’s wearing his Kuuvangmiut Mushers sweatshirt. A few years back, my mom started the tradition of giving babies of family friends their very own mini Kuuvangmiut Mushers sweatshirts. Here Dad and baby Sophie sport their matching sweatshirts.

Some of my favorite hand-me-downs from my mom are her 1970s sweatshirts from Alaska. Her green and yellow Kuuvangmiut Mushers sweatshirt was the first one I’d ever seen in colors other than the usual gray and black that my dad wears, so I snatched up the opportunity to hold onto this sweatshirt. The only problem was, it’s a little big for me and the front pocket was coming undone.

The solution? Turn it into a pillow! This way it can get a little less wear and tear than if I’m wearing it around all the time. Pictured below are the front and back of the pillow, which I have sitting on the couch beside my small collection of library books.

When I visited my parents in Alaska I was lucky enough to be able to go mushing, special thanks to Corrine and Erin for lending us their dogs.

Since then, I’ve been reading up a storm about dog mushing and the Iditarod. Last Tuesday, Dallas Seavey and his dogs were the first to arrive in Nome, making him the youngest musher at the age of 25 to win the Iditarod. While I won’t be entering the Iditarod in my lifetime or mushing dogs anytime soon, now I have a nice little pillow to use while reading about the race.

Want an intro to the Iditarod? For people in the Lower 48 like me who don’t mind a hyped-up filmed version of the race, I’d recommend checking out the Discovery Channel’s 2008 special entitled Iditarod: Toughest Race on Earth.

Happy Trails!


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