Beginnings of a Garden

Another one of my favorite blogs to read is Aunt Peaches. She’s absolutely hilarious and comes up with incredibly creative projects made from cheap and oftentimes recycled materials. When I came upon her Franken Flowers, I knew I had to give making some a try. Below is a picture of her creation which is linked to her instructions on how to make them yourself.

Photo credit: Aunt Peaches’ blog post “Friday Flowers: Franken Flowers“.

After getting off a grave shift the other morning, I hopped on a bus and arrived just as the local Jo-Ann Fabrics was opening. I bought myself some silk flowers and cupcake liners and then headed home to get started on deconstructing the flowers.

Here’s a preview of how they’re coming along. I’ve competed about ten so far and once I get a few more done, I’ll start a mini fake flower garden on top of my fridge.

Thanks Aunt Peaches for the great idea and detailed instructions!

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