Pi Quilt

One of my favorite bloggers is Cassie of Elegantitus. She made a pi quilt and wrote about it on her blog, which inspired me to make one as a Christmas gift for my parents. It was the first quilt I’ve made all by myself. I figured it would suit my parents well considering how my dad was a math teacher for the majority of my childhood and my mom and a family friend taught me how to quilt as a kid.

The basic idea is to pick ten different color fabrics and have each one correspond with a digit between 0 and 9. Example: Light green = 3, red = 1, dark green = 4. Then the squares are sewn together. In the case of this quilt, it represented the first 300 digits of pi.

Here’s the back of the quilt. I followed the same pattern of each color representing a digit and then made a strip across the back that represented the birthdays of my dad, mom, brother, and me.

Check out Elegantitus for more quilting ideas!

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