Collaged Cardboard Boxes

In order to store things like Sharpies and random scraps of paper for making cards, I took some old cardboard boxes and fancied them up by making collages and taping them to the front of the boxes.

Whenever I find a cool image in a magazine or edition of The Stranger, I rip it out and save it for turning it into a future card or project made from paper. Having a collection of random images around came in handy for this project.

As can be seen with my fish scaled fridge, I think just about anything looks better with a shiny layer of packing tape over it.

The cart I used to hold these collaged cardboard boxes started out as an old bookshelf my dad made me as a kid. I painted it red and then when he visited me last summer he volunteered to attach some wheels to it and screw on the handles I found at Value Village. Thanks dad!

Now I have my own little rolling cart of craft supplies, fancy cardboard boxes and all.

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